Ewan Ward 1953-2017

Ewan Ward graced Skyeladder with his unique guitar playing skills which helped to define their sound, a warm hearted, kind gentleman who had a gift that not many people are blessed with.


He made rehearsals and the long drives to shows and festivals a pleasure and once we got on stage his infectious enthusiasm and boundless energy got all of us moving on stage, Paul and Ewan can be seen bouncing around and doing their guitar “thing” as they played through the set


Ewans mantra was always “it’ll be fine” and mostly he was right, whether it was climbing up onto a stage that was 12 feet in the air via a very wobbly ladder or hoping that Ewans amp would stay on the chair the it was precariously balanced on – that was one occasion that he was wrong as half way through the set there was a loud bang as his amp fell from the chair, to the stage.


But most of the time, he was right, it was fine. In fact, it was more than fine, it was excellent, fantastic and brilliant. Every member of Skyeladder was shocked that finally, it wasn’t fine and Ewan passed away after a short illness.


We’re grateful that we were able to get into the studio to record 5 songs that will soon see the light of day, grateful that we got the best of Ewan during those sessions and that we’ll forever, be able to hear the man and his guitar bringing his uniqueness to the songs.


We’ll all miss him, we’ll all miss his fantastic, seemingly, ad-libbing playing. We probably won’t miss his setting up which took forever, and boy was he LOUD! SO much so that some people were convinced his full name was Turn Down Ewan, but no one is perfect and once he started playing we all forgave him.


Ewan, we were blessed to hear you, to know you, to love you.

We’ll miss you