Skyeladder Bio

The members of SKYELADDER have worked tirelessly over the past few years to create what is truly a unique sonic platform that features an ecletic mix of Country, Rock, Classic Americana and modern flavours. Those elements come to life in an organic live show, full of laughs and great original songs - all wrapped up in an engaging dance and sing along show.

SKYELADDERS consistent ability to deliver a stand-out live show is captivating. Whether it's Janie and Paul on stage as an acoustic duo, with Bill occasionally sometimes adding an electric presence or as a world class 5-piece band that includes drums, two or three guitars, bass and fantastic lead vocals from Janie, SKYELADDERS live show is always entertaining.

SKYELADDER was forged on friendships and is an honest, heartfelt and unique listening experience. Their songs speak their stories with rare truth and integrity and their accessibility as humans is endearing to fans nationwide. They look forward to meeting you at a show sometime soon!